On LeadGiant there are many different types of campaigns, If you wish to learn more about each of them, their purpose, and how they work.

In order to create a new campaign on LeadGiant, you need to go to the Campaigns section on the sidebar menu on LeadGiant, and click on the button Add Campaign

  1. Select the campaign you wish to create

2. Create a name for the campaign and click Next

3. If you have any campaign templates created you can select it or click on Create without template

4. Add your connector message, and click on + Follow-up message if you wish them to be sent once the connection request is accepted. Scroll down, enter your message, set time delays (if you don’t want them all to be sent immediately), and click Apply to save the changes

5. Once it is done, click on the campaign Settings tab, adjust the limits of connection requests and messages sent per day from this campaign and choose the campaign priority. Keep in mind that the limits set in the profile settings have to be divided between all active campaigns in campaign settings, if you see an error message of exceeding the limits it means they are not divided correctly.

6. To activate a campaign scroll down in the settings page if you wish the campaign to start sending immediately (in the next 45 minutes), you need to press on the toggle next to the word Inactive, so it would become Active. If you wish to schedule the activation of the campaign for a certain date, you can do it if Start Immediately toggle is off, below a window for selecting a date and time will appear. Once it is done, the campaign will start sending the selected date

7. If you wish to outreach the same people in the company campaign (with two different LinkedIn accounts added under the same company on LeadGiant), the toggle Override and allow outreaching to LinkedIn profiles from the same company has to be enabled in the campaigns under both LinkedIn accounts you wish to outreach the same leads in.

8. To delete the campaign, please press on Delete Campaign button.

The last steps would be to create a search and assign the leads to the campaign, so it could start the outreach

Keep in mind, that you will not be able to duplicate leads between multiple campaigns on LeadGiant, so one search should only be assigned to a particular campaign. If later on, you would like to use it in another campaign, you should delete the leads from the previous campaign first and then you will be able to add the same leads to a new one.

Once the leads are assigned to the campaign and the campaign is activated, it will start sending during the active times of the account in the next approximately 45 minutes.

If you have any more questions, please contact Customer Support!